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Foolproof Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Spacious living space in an urban setting requires a hefty premium which can be challenging for most of us. The key to living happily in a limited living space is furnishing & styling the room creatively while combining space-saving solutions.

If your living space feels small & confining, you’re not alone. All you have to do is trick your eye into thinking that the room is spacious by incorporating concepts of color, light, and proportion. You just have to take your living space as a creative challenge & take smart decisions to make your room look spacious & welcoming.

From lounging all day to entertaining guests & loved ones, a living room is a place where we all spend most of the time of our day. But if you think that your living space is a little crowded then it's time for incorporating interior design ideas that can make the room feel airy & spacious.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few foolproof ways to make your living room look bigger:

Pick color wisely

The first thing that you need to consider is choosing a color wisely. Well, we all know white color can make your room spacious but it isn’t your only color option. You can also choose other light & soft colors that can brighten up your room & make it feel more spacious. Light colors can create an optical illusion which can make the room feel bigger & more inviting.

Get multi-purpose furniture

If you have limited space in your living room then you can go for multi-purpose furniture which can help in decluttering your space. Unnecessary clutter can make your room appear tinier. By getting furniture with multi-purpose storage, you can make it look clean, tidy & well-organized. Multi-purpose furniture can create ample space & make the room look bigger.

Use mirrors

The next foolproof way to make your living room look spacious is by adding a mirror in the room. Always hang the mirror strategically so that bounces the light & creates the illusion of more space. A big-size mirror is the best option to make your tiny living room look big & spacious.

Use creative lighting fixtures

We all know how natural lighting can make your room look bigger, but if you don’t have any access to natural light in the living room then you can go for creative lighting fixtures. You can use wall-mounted lamps or creative night lights so, that they can spread light evenly around the room & make it appear bigger & spacious.

Here’re a few cute night light that you can add to your living room:

Kawaii night lamp

kawaii night lamp

Kawaii cat table light

kawaii cat table light

Radish night light

Radish night light

Move furniture away from the walls

When it comes to arranging the furniture, always make sure to move it away from the walls so that it creates the illusion of a bigger room. The additional space behind the furniture will make the room look spacious.

Maintain a balance

When it comes to styling your living room, always remember less is more. Just add minimal décor items in your living room so that you can have more foot space. It may seem tempting to add bohemian style in your living space but, it can make your room look clumsy & untidy. Make sure to maintain a balance while adding different textures so that it doesn’t overwhelm your space.

So, these are a few foolproof ways that you can accommodate to make your living room appear spacious. Just be mindful of the things you add to your room so that you can have a clever optical illusion.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that incorporating the right elements will increase the sense of openness of your living room. Make sure to incorporate these foolproof ways to make your living room look spacious.